Having been involved in Polar Expeditions and Paraskiing for over six years now, the shortfalls in training have slowly been overcome. We can now simulate snow skiing very well with the new inliners. What's nice about this design over normal wheels is the fact that the pilot is not having to balance. The centre of gravity is also the same as skis. They have proved to be safe, and easy to use. On the performance side they edge very well, so upwind gain is very good. They also gybe well, full blasting carve gybes are easy, and with a little practice the exit is as fast as the entry. On the down side, they are still a bit heavy and the rolling resistance on wet sand is still somewhat high. But with the latest models we are getting close to viability. "Cross Country Inliners" will open up new areas for kite traction, they are very portable and packable. Who knows? they might become a class in their own right.

Group Training

We have been training Pilots for over eight years, and have developed techniques and equipment to a very high level. Coupled with our access to the vast sand flats of Pembrey and Pendine which are favoured with year round high winds and a mild Gulf Stream climate, our success rates are second to none. We have also produced a range of training video's to suit Parakarter's and Paraskiier's from beginners to advanced. Locally there is a good range of accommodation ranging from camping, caravans, B&B's and Hotels.

Training 2

We take groups of up to six people of all levels of abilities and also offer individual coaching. The groups are lead by Mick Parsons a former RYA Windsurfing Trainer of twenty years experience. He is also a Class 5 Landyacht Instructor, he formed the PKA in 92, wrote the rules, and became the first qualified Class 8 instructor in 94. His enthusiasm and experience is at your disposal. For costs and availability give "El-Guru" a call.

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