As a small design studio we are able to offer a range of custom choices. These are some of the variables we offer as SPECIALS.


Polyester is lighter than K42, Dimension and Seaspeed. Its also stiffer and totally waterproof. Best suited for intermediate and advanced Pilots, it gives the best performance of all the materials. However it costs more and is less durable than the ripstops (on account of its lack of "give"). Where UV exposure is a factor, polyester is the favored choice. There is no warranty for cell burst or tears on any polyester parafoils. Gross weight is 38 gms per sq metre.


The "standard" line for us when bridling is 150lb Dyneema. The remainder of the bridling - the "links" are 300lb dyneema.

However there are situations, and Pilots who demand more! For intermediate and advanced Pilots we use a 100% dyneema bridle. That's 80lb for the bridle and 300lb or even 200lb spliced and sewn dyneema for the links. This gives the best in terms of responsiveness, and minimum line drag. However all shocks are immediately passed onto the canopy itself.


The sections of MODULUS are connected together using zips, made by YKK. These specialist zips are available in 2 options:

  • Standard with a plastic autolock slider. Perfectly suited for easy use.
  • Ultralight, on waterproofed tape, using SPIDER's SLIDERLESS© SYSTEM. For minimum weight and maximum performance.


This is a 1 sq metre seaspeed unit with a cut away trailing edge. It has more walls than a standard unit which gives it a higher top speed. There is dyneema bridling on every cell and re-inforcements at all the load points. It's designed for use in very high winds as a 1 sq metre or with the addition of end cells a 1.8 "storm rig". It can also be used as a replacement unit in the event of damage to a "Mach 2" unit. It forms part of the "MODULUS QUIVER".


These are made from 32 gm polyester. They have more walls than standard, for greater speed and acceleration. They are dyneema bridled on every cell which improves the efficiency of the parafoil and spreads the load more evenly. Designed with the "speed merchant" in mind these are a delight in strong winds but can be a handful in squally conditions where the speed with which they power up can be alarming - we are talking SCARY here! They work with standard minis and end cells so at 2 sq metres they offer the MODULUS Pilot an addition to their quiver for reach sharking! They can be used as a 4 core - the MACH 2 "58". They form part of the "MODULUS QUIVER". There is no warranty for cell burst or tears on any polyester parafoils.


Choices, choices, choices! The "quiver" has a logic that attempts to anticipate a number of situations and provide effective answers while keeping the bag's volume down to manageable proportions. After all why lose one of the main advantages of parafoil traction?

There are 4 elements to the quiver. They are:

  1. A 5.3BB Ultralight on (200lb + 80lb) x 150ft lines for winds from 3 to 12 mph.
  2. A 4 core MODULUS on 200lb x 100ft lines for winds from 10 mph upwards. These units are like those in a "58 special". They are the lightest and most practical choice in light and variable airs. If necessary they can be used in high winds where it's still an advantage to have such long lines. For example off shore winds.
  3. # A 2 core on 200lb x 70ft lines. These are Mach 2's. Great for speed reaching where their performance and shorter lines means speed and thrills. The same End Cells and Minis are used with the various cores, saving weight and minimizing volume.
  4. A 1 core on 30ft x 300lb lines. This is the seaspeed storm core on lovely short lines when there's power and acceleration but the key is to survive and handle the beast! The End Cells can be added to make it up to 1.8 sq metres or it can be used on its own. This unit can be used as a replacement is case of damage to any of the others.

So in the MODULUS QUIVER there are 4 line length choices, 4 kites, 14. sq metres of parafoil giving 21 rig choices! The whole quiver fits in a buggy mountable bag - a COMPRESSION SACK.

THE 1.8 BB


This is a storm rig with a sail area of 1.8 sq metres. When traction is sought in high and very high winds (+ 30 mph). Packed and ready for use in a small POD, it's on very short lines. Handable in difficult conditions and robust in K42 ripstop this is a real joy to use. The cut away trailing edge makes it turn easily and quickly even when very powered up. Often added to a Pilots quiver for use with a MODULUS. Where although a 1.8 configuration is possible the high wind conditions dictate shorter lines. The 1.8 BB is a lazy Pilots solution! More details.

THE 5.3 BB Ultralight


This is a parafoil - without zips - where the most is demanded from the lightest of winds. With a surface area of 5.3 sq metres and the addition of flaps, power for traction is produced in winds from 3 mph up to about 12 mph. As with all quoted wind ranges these figures are only meant as a guide.

The flaps on the trailing edge increase the amount of low end torque or power, which is necessary to actually get moving in these ultralight wind conditions. Made from 32 gm polyester with 80lb bridling and 200lb links this is a very light canopy, a mere 720gms. It is very stable and with the (200lb + 80lb) x 150ft line set it is a solution for those who are looking for traction "beyond the call of duty"! It is very popular with Competitive Pilots. More details.

There is no warranty for cell burst or tears on any polyester parafoils.

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