Roger Mear

SPIDER's acknowledged Polar experience resulted in being contacted by Sir Ran Fiennes - "the worlds greatest living explorer". Despite being 53, he had begun to secretly organize his own solo unsupported trans antarctic crossing. In 1993 he narrowly failed to make an unsupported crossing using Upski's - barely escaping with his life. He and companion Mike Stroud were rescued 300 miles short of their goal, the edge of the ice shelf.

Sadly Roger Mear's attempts to secure sufficient sponsorship became considerably more difficult after the announcement of Ran's expedition, ultimately leading to his cancellation of the journey. Ran was unlucky too, when with over half the distance to the Pole covered, medical problems forced him to retire from the attempt after achieving some remarkable mileages. The best of which was 188km (117 miles) in one day - WITH A FULLY LADEN 227kg (500lb) SLEDGE!! On his return to the UK Ran very kindly sent us a thank you note saying -

"Just back. Sadly just when everything was going beautifully, I got a kidney stones attack. Not nice. Very frustrating but there's no point crying over spilled milk. The SPIDERS were ace"

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