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Just as MODULUS can provide traction for parakarts, it can do the same for skiers. With all the characteristics of light weight/low volume and portability it makes just as much sense.

Kites are not generally suited to "piste" skiing. The presence of trees, overhead cables and the proximity of other skiers limits their use. However they are excellent on more open sites, frozen lakes and cross country areas.


Paraskiing image

A "standard" MODULUS can be used for paraskiing, ice karting and parakarting. But if its prime usage is for traction on snow and ice a number of modifications have been made. The rig connectors are all glove friendly, and units are changed using spliced and tagged slip knots. The flying lines are coloured and a "deadmans" is added to retain and kill the kite in a fall. The deployment is also different from a standard Modulus using"Compression Pods" or "Dougnuts" which are more suitable for gloved hands

The design of SPIDER parafoils means that they can be instantly collapsed on purpose. This means that in dangerous situations the parafoil can be "killed". It is a very important consideration in all applications, and never more so than in Paraskiing where acceleration can be very rapid. All SPIDER parafoils can also be rigged with a deadmans safety system that will "kill" the kite when the handles are released.


With the handles staked out with the snow peg provided, the parafoil can be deployed very quickly. The Compression Pod, which is an integral part of the harness, is then fixed behind the skier, with any unused modules stored safely. Once the kite is launched and the Skier underway, the strop between the handles is hooked into the harness. This way the pull of the parafoil is transferred more directly to the Skier and the load reduced on the arms.

To pack away, the kite is landed, the handles staked, and the canopy collapsed. The Pod is released and opened and the parafoil packed in, the lines and finally the handles are loaded, and the POD closed, compressing the volume. The POD can then fixed back behind the Skier or to a sledge or rucksack with the two extra pairs of fixing straps provided.

We offer several specific systems:

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