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Welcome to the world's only modular parafoil traction system - a practical solution to the problems of kite powered propulsion!


MODULUS offers amazing performance and value for money - 14 kites in one bag!


These are the options;
  • All the units can be bought individually starting from 1.0 sq metre! And gradually building up to a full traction system.
  • Buying a "38".STARTING FROM ONLY 275.00 This offers configurations from 1 to 3.8 sq metres (40 sq ft). It comes complete and parapacked with lines, handles, ground stake and pod. Further units can be added at a later date.
  • Buying a "58". STARTING FROM ONLY 599.00 This uses the same units as the "38" but has 2 extra 1 metre sections. Resulting in configurations from 1 sq metre to 5.8 sq metres (60 sq ft). It comes complete and parapacked with lines, handles, ground stake and buggy bag.

MODULUS is a 4 line, fully soft, high aspect, zip together modular parafoil. It comes complete with lines, ground stake and handles in a special bag. The kite is configured at 2.8 sq metres "parapacked" in such a way that it is ready for immediate use.

A particular problem associated with the use of kites to provide motive force arises from their inability to spill the wind. Kites when faced with an increase of wind pressure on their surfaces develop more power and lift. Pilots are effectively limited in the amount of power they can hang on to, ie their body weight, before they become airborne!

With insufficient power traction is barely possible and rarely exciting. As the power increases there comes a point where he/she has enough power to comfortably travel upwind, across and down wind. We refer to this as "perfect power".

There are a number of other factors that dictate what surface area, or sail area, will provide perfect power. Such things as Pilot weight, the rolling resistance, and the direction of travel. Even once the balance has been reached the wind is never constant and several rig changes are not uncommon over relatively short periods of time.

The degree of tuning available in MODULUS is crucial to its practicality. This has been proven by it's popularity for recreational sailing, success in competitions and choice for expeditions. As the wind speed increases the difference between being overpowered and having perfect power can be fractions of a sq metre.

Since the sections of the parafoil are zipped together, the number of configurations available to the pilot is large. This makes obtaining perfect power the norm rather than the exception. Being a modular system, it offers in effect many kites in one small package.


MODULUS is made up of 4 basic units. They are:


These are the main workhorse units. They are always in the centre of the canopy. The points where the bridle lines are attached to the canopy are re-enforced since they operate from light to very heavy winds. The surface area of each is 1 sq metre.


These are used as a pair. They are quickly attached to the outside ends of either the Unkeeled or keeled units. The combined surface area is 0.8 sq metre.

Options here are ultralight which has one internal wall. "Warm" which has 2 internal walls.


These are used either individually or together in the centre of the canopy, attaching to the inside edges of the Unkeeled units. They have no bridling and as a result are the easiest sections to change. Surface area is 0.5 sq metre each.

Options here are ultralight which has 2 internal walls. "Warm" which has 3 internal walls. "Hot" has 5 internal walls, 3 of which are "gutted".


These are used as a pair. Each are zipped to the outside edges of the Unkeeled units. They are minimum bridled with triangular "keels" that spread the point loading. The keels also improve the tracking and loft of the canopy, producing more bottom end power (torque). Surface area is 1 sq metre each.

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