Sr Ralf

Sir Ran Fiennes rigging his "Big Boy".

This is a MODULUS that is designed for applications where power is a prime consideration. It is the MODULUS favoured for heavy sledge traction. The parafoil has heavier duty 150lb dyneema bridling and 300lb links. The chord length is deeper than other MODULUS to provide extra "bottom end" power.

The main units are ultralight polyester. Each unit is 1.0 x 1.2 sq metres. This makes it less suited for normal buggy use. It then uses one pair of "cold" polyester mini modules and one pair of "cold" polyester end cells.

"BIG BOY" comes complete and ready to use. The lines are already prepared, equalized and connected. It comes with a very strong line set, 500lb x 100ft. Canopy, lines, spool, handles and "dough nut" bag together weigh just 2 kg.


The "dough nut" which is fixed with snap buckles to the sledge, is made of K42 ripstop nylon, in order to keep sledge weight down. The individual units are stored in large hoods that are fixed to the bottom of the dough nut. There are elasticated retainers that help maintain the shape of the bag, so that its as easy as possible to stuff the canopy in and parapack it away.

Parakart image Parakart image

To unpack the parafoil the dough nut is released from the sledge and the handles anchored. The lines are then payed out from a spool.

Parakart image Parakart image

To pack away the parafoil the canopy is collapsed while staked out, and walked back to the sledge. It can then be stuffed into the bag. The lines are simply wound on the spool until the handles are reached. They are then placed on the packed parafoil and the bag is then closed with a drawstring.


Crispin Day

Crispin Day training on Pembrey beach (Wales) prior to his successful Antarctic kite sailing expedition where he and his companion, Geoff Somers, sailed 1,600 kilometres towing sledges weighing 150kg.

"BIG BOY" is designed to be tethered directly to the sledge. In light winds the Explorer walks with the kite, this offers easy speed control and remarkable upwind performance. It can also be used to provide extra pull when "pumped" to power the sledge over obstacles. In stronger wind conditions it can tow both the Explorer and the sledge, without any of the load passing through the Explorer. With such a range of sizes it provides traction in a very wide wind range with up to 270 degrees of traction opportunity.

"ULTRALIGHT BIG BOY" is similar in design to the "BIG BOY" but has ultralight zips, less re-enforcement, lighter Dyneema bridling, longer and lighter flying lines typicaly around 38mtrs (125ft) it can be packed in a "Dougnut" or "Compression Pod". The ULBB is a big improvement. It has more botton end power and has the advantage of being Modular. With it's extra pair of minis which takes it up to a whopping 8.15 sq mtrs! it has excellent light wind performance and can also handle winds of over 35 mph .

Features include:
  • High performance fully soft design 4 line design.
  • Modulating from 2.4 to 7.15 sq metres(8.15 sq metres with two extra minis). Weight at 7.15 sq metres 1000 gms.
  • Fully waterproof ultralight 32gm polyester canopy.
  • Either ultralight or heavy duty zip options.
  • 150lb pre stressed dyneema bridle.
  • 300lb pre stressed dyneema links.
  • Pre stressed and equalized dyneema line sets 4 x 30m (100ft) x 225kg (500lb) or 4 x 38m(125ft) x 90m(300lb).
  • Heavy duty handles and strop.
  • Deadman's release system.
  • Large plastic spool.
  • "Dough nut" ripstop nylon bag or "compression Pod".
  • ALL UP WEIGHT = 1715 gms

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