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Unbeatable in it's class the "38" is the ideal starting point to the world of traction. When the winds up, it comes into it's own. Easy rig changes makes it the ultimate wind weapon. When the conditions are strong you must have a kite that you fly, not one that flies you!!

Fast and practical with bullet-proof construction the "38" is the way to go. Ideal for beginners and lightweights the power can be trimmed perfectly to give safe and comfortable traction.

With it's amazingly wide wind range due to eight instantly available rig sizes, coupled with the fact that it's comes ready to use. The "38" represents the most economical and flexible entry level "parafoil traction system" in the World today.

The total sail area is 3.8 sq mtrs (40 sq ft). Sections are added, or subtracted, in a quick, simple and logical way by zips, allowing the size to be tuned by as little as 0.2 sq metre. This can make the difference between being blown downwind or enjoyably sailing with perfect power.

The "38" comes ready for use with all the lines attached to the SPIDER handles and parapacked into a POD. This can be fixed to the buggy's axle (with the clips and "D" rings provided) or can be carried as a shoulder bag. You will always have the rest of your system with you. Should you need to change up or down in size you are not restricted to returning to your starting point. Why have a sport that permits travel and not use it?


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1.0 sq mtr. One Unkeeled unit.1.8 sq mtr. One Unkeeled unit and two End cells.
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2.0 sq mtr. Two Unkeeled units.2.5 sq mtr. Two Unkeeled units and a Mini module.
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2.8 sq mtr. Two Unkeeled units and two End cells.3.0 sq mtr. Two Unkeeled units and two Mini modules.
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3.3 sq mtr. Two Unkeeled units, one Mini module and two end cells.3.8 sq mtr. The "38" MODULUS. Two Unkeeled units, two Mini modules and two end cells.

Further sizes are possible with the addition of KEELED UNITS. This way the "38" can be expanded to a full 5.8 sq metres - the "58" MODULUS.


  • CANOPY. 32 grm Poleyester
  • BRIDLE. 150lb Dyneema
  • COLOURS. Red, Blue.
  • ZIPS. No 5 YKK suited for marine/snow environments. Replaceable plastic sliders.
  • LINKS. 300lb Pre stressed, spliced and sewn dyneema.
  • FLYING LINES. 4 x 20m (70ft) x 135kg (300lb) equalised pre stressed dyneema.
  • STAKE. 17 inch galvanised steel. Weight 176 gms.
  • HANDLES. Anodised aluminium with unique foam grip. Weight 214 gms.
  • LINES. The line lengths can be quickly adjusted from the handles, and there are PVC sleeved loops that are used to anchor the parafoil in the braked position. There is also an extension on the top of the handle that helps apply the brakes more easily. The handles will accept a cord that allows the use of a harness.
  • POD. Made of heavy duly 7oz pu coated nylon with a drawcord at each end. There are 2 pockets inside, one that will take the packed parafoil, another for the lines and handles. A third, on the outside is for the ground stake. Weight 100 gms.


MODULUS "38" ©See full price listing LINES MATERIAL Price
MODULUS "38" ©Canopy only, in a POD! nonepolyester£275.00
MODULUS "38" ©7 kites complete and ready to fly in POD!135kg x 20 mtrpolyester£399.00
MODULUS "38 SPECIAL" ©7 ultralight kites complete and ready to fly in POD!90kg x 20 mtrpolyester£465.00

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